Staying in the Present Moment When You Putt is Vital – Anyone Can Become Great at Putting

Most putting problems stem from mental interference with a smooth and natural stoke because of a concern over the result. Golfers can become more mentally focussed on what can go wrong than actually sending the ball straight into the hole which is what they actually want to achieve. Concern over missing a short one or worrying about three putting and getting tense and uptight will cause a poor stroke and quite often give the very result the golfer is trying to avoid.

To putt great you must remove the result and be in the present.

Remove the Result

Ask any top professional in any sport and they will tell you that you must play without concern when you are most concerned. You must play as if the result does not matter when it matters the most. You must focus on going through the process of a shot without thinking about the outcome. No mystery here, the more you worry, the more tense you get and the more negative images you make in your mind, the worse the result will be.

If you really care about the result then you must not care about the result so that you can play naturally, free flowing and with clear focussed thought. Tension from worry not only affects your muscle skills but also clouds judgement and you may not think clearly and end up making a poor decision.

Stay In The Present Moment

If you remain in the present moment then you can have no thoughts about the outcome which is in your future. The outcome has not happened yet and you will also not recall any past bad shots if you are properly focussed in the present. Being in the present you will play naturally and relaxed and there is no doubt your results will get significantly better, Fast!

Easily said this Stay in The Present stuff, but not always so easy to do in reality. In fact the more you attach importance to the shot, the harder it is to “not think” of the result and worry about getting it wrong.

Develop Your Pre Shot Routine

Develop a strong pre-shot routine so that you have a good step by step process to follow and concentrate on for each shot. When you have completed your pre shot routine make sure you pull the trigger quickly. Do not stand over the ball too long as this time has no physical routine to occupy your mind and that is when it can start wandering to unwanted thoughts.

Focus on what you want the ball to do from point A to point B

Use your imagination to get a clear idea of what the ball is going to do and visualise the ball behaviour exactly. Imagine yourself making the perfect stroke to make the ball go exactly into the middle of the hole at the perfect speed. Hear the sound of the ball falling into the hole and rolling around. Go through your setup routine and then have two or three practice putts while looking at the hole and imagining the ball rolling along the perfect path to the hole and disappearing over the edge. Then look back at the ball and pull the trigger within 1 or 2 seconds of refocusing on the ball.

Learning more techniques by The Mental Game of Golf now will give you a superb array of tools which can all be applied to help you as an individual golfer to get into your personal Playing Zone where you play your best golf on a consistent basis.