So Why Do Quadcopters Make Great Christmas Presents?

If you are looking for that perfect Christmas present this year for boys (and girls!) of all ages then you really should look at one of the many different choices of quadcopters and drones that are available today!

You really want that excitement and that sheer look of happiness when they open their presents Christmas morning and once they unwrap their new drone or copter… well, you will not have to wonder if you have got it right. The smiles and wide eyes will tell you clearly enough!

Why Quadcopters Make Great Christmas Presents #1:

Quadcopters are still relatively new technology, well, at least when we are talking about as a commercially available toy. Sure, they have been around for a little while now however up until recent times, they have been very expensive and not nearly geared and built as much for fun as they are today. What this means is that a new quadcopter is not going to be under every single tree so there will be quite a lot of uniqueness and also, envy from your children’s friends! It is probably also the very first time they have received such a toy and let me tell you, a drone or quadcopter really is a toy like no other!

Why Quadcopters Make Great Christmas Presents #2:

They appeal to all everybody and all ages too! Quadcopters are a huge amount of fun and they aren’t just for boys either! Girls also love being “pilots” and enjoying the thrill of commanding their drone either just around the skies or performing intricate stunts and manoeuvres. And these bad boys of the sky aren’t just for kids either. From as young as 7 years old right up to grandparents, there is a drone or quadcopter that will suit.

Why Quadcopters Make Great Christmas Presents #3:

There is an absolutely HUGE range of quadcopters for sale that will cater to any budget and also please the most demanding of “pilots.” From a small entry level quadcopter that can fit into the palm of your hand, right up to an incredibly advanced… and expensive version that costs more than the average family car! Want four propellers? No problem? How about an eight propeller octocopter? Too easy! Want a protective circular cage around your drone or maybe perhaps even in the shape of a fighter jet? There are so many different options available to you! Just go down to your favorite RC store, choose what you want and you are ready to go!

Why Quadcopters Make Great Christmas Presents #4:

These awesome machines are not only accessible to everyone, but they are easy to learn for everyone as well. You do not need to have any special skills or aeronautical experience but you will need some patience and of course, time to practice. Many of these models today are flyable right out of the box but as with everything good in life, you will need to practice and fully understand your new drone in order to get the most out of it.

It’s clear to see that I think quadcopters are awesome! So much fun, such amazing technology and many with brilliant features that allow extreme aerobatics, return to base features, and of course the ability to come with or add cameras such as GoPro’s which open up a whole new world of vision and experiences. And let’s not forget about the growing movement of drone racing! Now this really is an exciting new field!

Debt Settlement Debt Negotiation – Insider Tips

The warning signs of impending legal complications are clear. Collectors call more often and the tone of conversations become increasingly aggressive. The escalation in aggressiveness is intentional. Professional collectors develop a keen sense for the level of stress in each account holder’s voice. By pushing stress buttons repeatedly, collectors know that an aggressive approach forces debtors to react.

Account holders are not required to accept collector calls. Original obligations arise from dealing directly with creditors, and each account holder may contact a creditor using the same aggressive approaches used by collectors. At first blush, this tactic may seem appealing and perhaps deserved. The results, however, are not productive.

Negotiating a profitable debt settlement requires a high level of professionalism. Avoid using the childish tactics preferred by collectors. Instead, take the lead when dealing with creditors by proposing negotiation of future payments based on reason. Expect creditors to require documentation before accepting settlement.

A professional negotiation of a debt settlement begins by focusing on the cause of past due late payments. Each person’s current repayment ability is a primary focus. The most common situations that cause late payments include illness, job loss and divorce. In addition, unexpected salary reductions, home repairs and vehicle repairs frequently prevent making payments on unsecured accounts. Documentation of these causes is highly influential when negotiating debt settlement agreements.

The best negotiators do not impose personal bias in conversations. Allow documentation to carry the load and speak for itself. A wise creditor evaluates documentation carefully to determine the maximum recovery available. To produce settlements for pennies on the dollar, provide overwhelming evidence that repayment is doubtful based on a realistic assessment of available income and the cost of basic living necessities.

Debt consolidation companies negotiate with national lenders on a daily basis. Over time, professional negotiators develop working relations with all major credit card companies, banks, and providers of retail credit. These companies represent individual account holders during all phases of the negotiation process. Daily practice produces the best results obtainable. Professional negotiators know, with a high degree of probability, the largest negotiated payment reduction possible before contacting a creditor. Once the ultimate prize is apparent, deciding when to push forward or settle is easy.

The cost of hiring a professional negotiator is surprisingly affordable. Fees are paid by including a negotiated one-month grace period before payments resume. The amount of the new monthly payment represents a typical fee to obtain a 40% to 60% payment reduction over three or four years.

Are Your Presentations Putting People to Sleep?

Since I have conducted a number of presentations with audiences ranging from a group of 6th graders to 75 networking professionals, I wanted to offer some advice on how to create an effective presentation. Good presentations and public speaking skills can help you to overcome other weaknesses you may have. Ever notice that the best speakers sell more, get promoted more and are good at impromptu discussions? Here are a few tips:

1- Know your audience. Don’t use industry jargon in front of people who will not be familiar with the terminology.
2- Practice in front of a mirror. You may be making strange facial expressions, wringing your hands, or pacing. These bad habits can distract you audience.
3- Watch the ‘umms’ and ‘you knows’. Take a Toastmasters class and the group will track your ‘umms’ using a clicker. You will be amazed at the number you rack up! This is a great place to practice speaking in a nurturing environment.
4- Vary your speaking tone. M-o-n-o-t-o-n-e is boring.
5- Pause during your speech and ask if people understand your points. Allow time to backtrack and provide alternative explanations to get your point across.
6- Beware of the use PowerPoint. 50% of the time it crashes and disrupts the momentum of your presentation. Dimming the light for more than 5 minutes puts people to sleep. The average human being has a 20-minute attention span. Looking at graphs in the dark is a great way to get people to use their cell phones to send emails.
7- Be careful with jokes. You do not want to accidentally offend your audience. A better idea is to use a humorous personal or made up story about you. Laughing helps people pay attention and relax.
8- Throw in a couple moves during the speech. Switch sides of the podium, walk in front of the audience. This forces people to follow you and not go comatose staring a fixed object.
9- Don’t read your presentation. This is a big no-no and the number 1 cause of audience boredom. If you have back up reading material, hand it our after you are done or email it later.
10- Limit your number of handouts. People will skip ahead and not pay attention to what you are saying.
11- If someone’s cell phone rings…STOP speaking until the offending individual mutes the phone. Everyone will stare at them, and feel bad for you. Sympathetic listeners are more prone to hear your message.

Have a big presentation coming up at your company? Beware of these 3 people.

The Casual Listener. This is the person who was made to go by his boss. He would rather be texting his buddies than hearing you.

The Numbers guy. He/she likes to look over your financial data and check you math for accuracy while you are presenting. This person can make you look like an ass when the questions come up at the end so make sure to double check your material for accuracy.

The Decision Maker. This is the most important person in the audience. If you know what he/she likes, you can make sure to hit those topics hard during your presentation.

Finally, be sure to make time for questions at the end of the presentation. If there are no questions, then you probably were unsuccessful at capturing the audiences’ attention. Make sure your presentation will cause people to ask questions by doing a dry run for a trusted colleague. Have them make suggestions on how to stimulate the crowd. Give some of these tips a try and see if they help your career down the road.